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Download Datacontrolfield example

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May 25, 2009 - DataControlField includes many of the properties you're familiar with that are available . Download sample website: (224 kb).

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public abstract class DataControlField : System. DataControlField class serves as the base class for all data control field types. For example, the System. Because the DataControlField component holds the complete information about For example, the CheckBoxField data control field is specifically designed toOct 31, 2008 - Sometimes you need to customise DataControlField derived field (e.g. Below there is an example, how you can access cell, generated by Nov 29, 2011 - While the idea is far from new (and can be seen in various implementations here, here, and here), every example I had found fell short of being

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The following code example demonstrates how to use BoundField and ButtonField objects, which are derived from DataControlField, to display rows in a The following code example demonstrates how to implement the ExtractValuesFromCell method for a control that derives from the DataControlField class. Jan 22, 2011 - I figured it out. Here is what I ended up with: // DateTimeOffsetField.cs public class DateTimeOffsetField : BoundField { private TimeSpan Serves as the base class for all data control field types, which represent a For example, the DetailsView control, which displays the data control fields as rows, Sep 12, 2006 - TextField: A DataControlField Example. and DetailsView controls support custom controls that inherit from the DataControlField class.

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